It is imperative to be thinking about the environment and the health of the people. Respecting the place where we live means loving it as much as ourselves and future generation. Therefore by considering this statement, it is of a high importance to find out how we can correctly deal with this making it a priority of our everyday life.

In the latest global burden of diseases assessment (GBD), it is estimated that smoke from daily use of solid fuels for cooking is responsible for 3.9 million premature deaths annually, mostly in the form of child pneumonia and chronic lung and circulatory diseases in adults.

Highly polluting biomass (wood, crop residues and dunk) account for nearly 5% of the lost healthy life years from all causes globally, making them the largest environmental health hazard. Therefore one of the ways to mitigate this environmental hazard is by switching to LP Gas.

LP Gas offers hope, it significantly reduces greenhouse gas emission, carbon emission of by almost 25% as compared to other liquid fuels. It has a number of practical and environmental advantages over other fuels. Which include thus;

  • It produces far fewer harmful emission that impact on local air quality
  • It also reduces deforestation
  • Compared to other fuel LP Gas is the most environmentally friendly
  • It burns cleanly and does not produce any soot.

In view of this environmental and health issues posed by using black carbon emitting fuels, therefore there is need to Switch to LP Gas to reduce the rate of health issues associated with the use of solid fuel.