GTHI Donates Cooking Gas Gadgets

GTHI Donates Cooking Gas Gadgets to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

The Gas to Health Initiative (GTHI), co-founded by Prince Haruna Momoh and other leading figures in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, has donated cooking gas gadgets to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter of the Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC). This was carried out as part of their initiative to motivate the Nigerian populace to make the change to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as their primary means of heating and cooking. LPG is the most efficient fuel currently available to Nigerians.

The event was attended by two GTHI representatives, Mr. Nsikak Usoro (a member of the organisation’s Board of Trustees), and Mr. Benedict Oji (Programme Coordinator). The event included a presentation, outlining the organisation’s dedication to promoting the advantages of using LPG to Nigerians.

In a speech made on behalf of Prince Haruna Momoh, Mr. Oji assured NYSC of their readiness to help the kitchens of their state chapters to upgrade their operations and introduce the use of LPG. He made it clear that the GTHI would provide all the support they could in order to make this ambitious, country-wide endeavour a success.

The FCT Coordinator of the NYSC, Mr O.A.T., responded by thanking the GTHI for their kind gesture and expressed his joy at receiving the gift. He went on to explain that the Service Corps were fully committed to the cause of LPG implementation. He revealed that there were plans already in motion to create an LPG taskforce comprised of corps members. Their mission would be to raise awareness amongst Nigerian communities with regards to the benefits of switching to LPG.

The donated items included 2 industrial double burners, 3 (12.5kg) cylinders (filled) and the associated accessories.