Partnership With GTHI

“ Gas to Health Initiative (GTHI) wants to appreciate our numerous sponsors for their invaluable support ”


Gas to Health Initiative (GTHI) wants to appreciate our numerous sponsors for their invaluable support in years past without which we would not have achieved our many marks in the quest to promote the use and growth of the LP Gas Market in Nigeria.

Your contributions towards the Gas to Health Initiative made it possible for the local consumption of LP Gas in Nigeria to grow from 250,000 Metric tons in year 2013 to about 300,000 metric tons in year 2014 and presently at 500,000 metric tons.

GTHI wants to assure you of our unflinching commitment to probity and judiciousness with regard to your contributions towards this initiative and we pray that you shall not relent in your support for the mass switch to LP Gas in Nigeria.

Our Main Objective in current Year 2020

  • To embark on a nationwide LP Gas Awareness Campaign to the 36 States and Federal Capital of Nigeria with the view to convert “Mama Put” (Local Food Sellers) from the Use of traditional cooking energy (firewood, charcoal, kerosene etc) to LP Gas.
  • To distribute 200 (filled) 12.5kg cylinders of cooking gas, burners and accessories to 200 Mama Put sellers per state.
  • The Estimated cost an estimated this project is about N344, 100,000.00 (Three Hundred and Forty four Million, One Hundred Thousand Naira Only)
  • GTHI will be very grateful to partner with you in this giant stride to move Nigeria forward and boost LP Gas usage, thereby creating jobs, ensuring cleaner and healthy environment and enshrining local content compliance by encouraging local manufacturing of LPG cylinders and all cooking accessories.
  • GTHI stands for efficient energy for all Nigerians and is committed to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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