Food is one of the basic necessities of life and eating good food is a pleasurable experience.

In Nigeria, local food vendors popularly known as “Mama Put” has been a reliable and affordable source which has formed an integral part of food supply chain. A good number of Nigerians depend solely on mama put for their daily meal.

In as much as mama put offer considerable cheap meals that fit well into the budget of people of all social class and serve as a life saver to many, the source of energy used for cooking has become a huge concern to the society.

Our findings show that an average Mama Put consumes about 400kg of Firewood per month which is equivalent to about 36kg (12.5 Cylinder x 3) of LP Gas.

Research has shown that over 56% of Nigerians make use of firewood as a source of energy for cooking while 27% use kerosene. Only 5% make use of gas which is actually the safest and most efficient source of energy for cooking.

Liquefied Petroleum comprises of butane and propane which are flammable mixtures of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment and vehicles. It is also a co-product of oil and natural gas production. This gas has lower greenhouse emission than any other fossil fuel.

LPG is a suitable modern substitute to traditional cooking fuel (e.g. firewood and charcoal) as it is non-toxic, cost effective and burns clearly.

Aside being efficient, it is equally environmental friendly which is crucial issue that cannot be neglected in our society today. When the environment is friendly, high pollution level (both indoor and outdoor) is reduced thereby enhancing healthy living and lessening high mortality rate. Deforestation rate is also reduce and global warming is minimized.

With LPG, sound health is achievable for mama put and life is made easy for the society at large. Health they say is wealth and until you are healthy, you cannot be handy.